Anaxes was a planet that hosted many Republic shipyards during the Clone Wars. Later in the war, it was attacked by a Separatist fleet under the command of Admiral Trench. Though the Confederacy maintained the upper hand for several weeks, the battle was ultimately won by the Republic and the shipyards remained active.

Anaxes was later burned in catastrophic blast which burned the planet and was later inhabited was Fyrnotics.


Star Wars: The Clone WarsEdit

Anaxes was seen in the 4-episode story arc "The Bad Batch" where it served as Republic ship yards during the Battle for Anaxes.

Star Wars RebelsEdit

Anaxes/Fort Anaxes appeared in episode "Out of the Darkness" and "Gathering Forces" where after the Clone Wars, It was abandoned and inhabited by Fyrnotcs.

Expanded UniverseEdit

Anaxes in the Expanded Universe was a fortress world located in the Axum system of the Core Worlds, and was known as the Defender of the Core by the Galactic Republic and later the Galactic Empire. It was located on the Perlemian Trade Route and shared its sun, Solis Axum, with Selgon, Grastes, Axum, Urfon, Phlors Rex, Phlors Regina, and Ichium.

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