Elsa Schneider
Elsa Schneider
Background information
Feature films Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Television programs
Video games Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure
Park attractions
Portrayed by Alison Doody
Performance model
Honors and awards 33rd place on IGN's list of the best bad girls in film in 2008
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Seductive
Occupation Archaeologist and Nazi agent
Affiliations Neutral
Goal To retrieve the Holy Grail for Adolf Hitler
Home Austria
Relatives Unnamed father
Allies Walter Donovan (formerly), the Nazis
Enemies Walter Donovan, Indiana Jones, Henry Jones, Sr., Marcus Brody, Sallah
Powers and abilities
Fate Falls of the cracked temple after stepping on the temple's seal with the Holy Grail
Quote "We both wanted the Grail. I would have done anything to get it. You would have done the same."

Dr. Elsa Schneider (Alison Doody) was an Austrian archaeologist and secret Nazi agent who is assigned the task to retrieve the Holy Grail for the Nazi Germany. Just like Walter Donovan, keeps her involvement with the Nazis a secret. She was a professional swimmer who won a silver medal for 50-meter freestyle swimming at the 1932 Summer Olympics. She is revealed to have persuaded Indiana Jones and his father Henry Jones, Sr.. Later in the film, she intentionally picks a false grail for Donovan, which was a golden grail. Upon drinking the water from the grail, Donovan starts to age rapidly and decomposes as Donovan was about to attack Schneider for tricking him. Afterwards, she steps on the temple's seal with the correct Holy Grail chosen by Indy, causing the temple to collapse. She eventually loses her balance and begins to fall into the resulting chasm. With Indiana grabbing her hand, she attempts to reach for the grail and ignored his warning to save herself. As her hand slips from her glove, Indy fails to catch her and Schneider falls to her death, thinking she has found a prize.

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