2008 Grievous winning CN
General Grievous
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Voice Matthew Wood
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names General, Qymean jai Sheelal (before)
Personality Heroic, merciful, compassionate, couragous, determined, cowardly (sometimes), smart, caring, frustrated at Battle droids (before), kind
Appearance 7 foot tall cyborg
Occupation Supreme Commander/General of the Separatist Droid Army/Confederate Navy, Commander of Malevolence
Affiliations Confederacy of Independent Systems (Good)
Goal To stop/capture the Jedi for their crimes against him and the other CIS members and the Kaleesh and end the war.
Home Kalee
Allies OOM-1, OOM-2, IG-100 MagnaGuards, TV-94, TV-94B
Minions B1 battle droids, OOM command battle droids, B2 super battle droids, B2-HA super battle droid, IG-100 MagnaGuards, BX-series droid commandos, Driver battle droids
Enemies Jedi, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Kit Fitso, Nahdar Vebb, Gungans, Captian Tarplas, Count Dooku, Nightsisters, Asajj Ventress
Likes Good, helping people, saving the Galaxy, being merciful
Dislikes Getting mad, Jedi, people hurting him, lies, being tricked.
Powers and abilities Superhuman Strength, Athletic Skills, Fighting Skills
Weapons 4 lightsabers
Grievance Striker
Fate Unknown
Quote "I am the leader of the powerful droid army the Galaxy has ever seen!"

General Grievous is a major hero/protagonist in Star Wars, particularly the only series he's in, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He is a Kaleesh cyborg general of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars era, and the Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies. Originally, Grievous was an evil warlord named Qymaen jai Sheelal and conquered various people. He led his Kaleesh followers in conquering things. Later, the fearsome warlord begun adding cybernetics to his body while killing people. After a shuttle accident, the evil warlord was transformed into a cyborg and chose to be the leader of the battle droid army of good, during the Clone Wars. As a cyborg, Grievous changed his personality, becoming heroic. He became the General of the Separatist Droid Army. He is a cyborg who liked using droids and became the leader of the most powerful droid army the Galaxy has ever seen. He fought several battles during the Clone Wars against many evil Jedi. At the end of the Clone Wars, his whereabouts are unknown.


Personalities, Abilities and Powers, and AppearanceEdit

Warlord PersonalityEdit


Evil warlord Qymaen statues.

"I have to rage war across other places!"

On Kalee, Qymaen jai Sheelal was a warlord much like Megatron from Transformers and had no mercy or compassion what so ever to his enemies and allies unless they help him. The warlord was war-happy and chased after millions, killing them in the process.

Cyborg PersonalityEdit

2008 Grievous and his B1s talk on his heroic ship

Grievous Hero

When in his cybernetic body, Qymaen was gone and Grievous was born. As General Grievous, he is known to be a heroic being. He chose to become a cyborg for only two goals, rid the Galaxy of the sinister Jedi, and be the leader of the most powerful droid army the Galaxy has ever seen. Despite fighting of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Grievous hates the Clone Wars, and only joined for his reasons and not Dooku's political reasons. He has lost his warlord spirit and conquering spirits and changed to a compassionate, wrathful, and friendly hero. It is said that he has mercy and compassion for even his allies, as evidenced during his time with the Separatists. Though, he will not use mercy and compassion every time, as seen when he engaged Fisto and Nahdar in his lair and on the clone base of Kamino. Sometimes, Grievous can be super-compassionate by sparing several Jedi foes such as Ahsoka or his archenemy Kenobi and it sometimes leads to his own wounds though he still continues being a hero with compassion. Though, there are limits to his mercy. Grievous can a very wrathful hero during the Clone Wars as seen various times as when he sent holograms of captured villains and only lived to see evil die. This heroic wrathful side is only seen if the Jedi or others such as Gungans, have wronged him, he will get very angry and try to kill his villainous enemies, making villains beware of Grievous's wrath.

On the battlefield, he is a very calculating and ingenious tactician knowing very good ground tactics and space tactics. On the ground, Grievous knows how to command his heroic forces and in space, he is the "Hyperspace Master" calculating every planet of the sinister Republic's and invading with his heroic fleets. Besides that, Grievous is also an excellent pilot and can pilot any craft such as his Soulless One fighter craft or even a evil Kaminoan ship which he stole during the Third Battle of Kamino. He is also very courageous in battle, leading his droid army in the front and sometimes plays the Behind the Scenes Hero as seen where he commands the battles from the craft instead of full on fighting them. In space, Grievous does the same; Keeps his heroic Command Ship in the back while his smaller forces do the work. When in battle, the heroic Grievous is always determined to win against his sinister foes and always foil the evil plans of the Jedi.

Onto Grievous's dislikes, he dislikes the Sith and Jedi (Dooku, Ventress, Krell, Nadhar, Obi-Wan, etc) and the Republic, due to them enslaving him on Kalee and being crazy towards everyone, and the Sith, for not being trustworthy. He disliked the Jedi and the Sith since one, the entire Jedi Order hated him for no reason and two, they were both hurting the heroic General of the Confederacy. Another dislike of General Grievous is he dislikes lies and tricks as the heroic General has been tricked before by many other villains. Another part of Grievous's personality is that he won't kill the Jedi unless self-defense, or if you really tick him off. In other words, Grievous's heroic goals end up with him usually wanting to capture them or bring them to justice as he did with Eeth Koth and Adi Gallia, both feared Dark Acolytes that pretended to be on the Jedi side.

He has an intense rivalry with evil Obi-Wan Kenobi and Grievous wants his rival to surrender to the CIS but the villainous Jedi never listens, which almost leads Grievous into killing Obi-Wan various times and the sinister Kenobi, just wants Grievous dead for no reason as much as his padawan Anakin Skywalker. He has been being treated badly by Nute Gunray, Count Dooku, Poggle the Lesser, San Hill, Wat Tambor, and other CIS members such as his own Driver battle droids.

He also cares for battle droids, as he chose to lead them in the Clone Wars, but he loses his patience with the droids for their stupid, annoying, and sassy actions and has been known to destroy them by smacking their heads off, cutting them in half, or smacking them off ledges. Count Dooku usually calls him out on. Later, he started caring about his droids since they are helping in some cases and started slapping them less as they were improved from the early part of the war. He also tends to do a lot of heroic laughs throughout the The Clone Wars as seen various times.


Grievous is a seven foot tall Kaleesh cyborg with gold eyes. Originally, he was smaller than that and was taller due to the cybernetic body. His faceplate resembles his Kaleesh mask on Kalee and has the Kaleesh eye marks on his head. Grievous's legs appear sexy to some. He wears a Kaleesh cloak on him that goes down to his back. Due to his back problems when the CIS built him, Grievous is usually hunched over and appears smaller than his B1 battle droids and allies. Grievous has four fingers on each hand and when split into two, he has two fingers each hand.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

In his original evil warlord body, Qymaen wielded a sword and possibly a bowcaster. Other than that, Qymaen was a fierce fighter and killed millions in his day.

In his cybernetic body, Grievous has numerous weapons and emplacements on his heroic body. Grievous carries four lightsabers on his waist; two on the front of his waist and two on his behind area. He only has those four lightsabers only had only one extra after he lost it during it fight with Ventress. He also has been known to carry modified E-5 Blaster rifle named Grievance Striker, named after his grievances. He also had a DC-17 Pistol Blaster once from one of the evil clone troopers during the incident at his lair.

In terms of fighting skills, Grievous is really a force to be reckoned with clones, beating up every single one of them his powerful strength. Jedi on the other hand, Grievous has trouble fighting on occasions. One minute, Grievous could the hero the could win, or the hero that could loose against many villains as seen with his archenemy Obi-Wan Kenobi. With his cybernetics, Grievous defends himself from the evil Jedi on various occasions and wasn't too happy when Jedi invaded his new home when looking for Nute Gunray. Sometimes, Grievous could win against them other times, he could be cowardly and run from them but reappear as a stronger hero ever and defeat them. In other words, you will never defeat Grievous as he has stated before, no matter how many times the villains try, Grievous's indestructible body makes immune to all fire attacks and even a ship's laser cannons. A "defeat" of Grievous is basically the heroic General running off from the villains but always comes back and beats the crap of them.

Alongside the rest of his heroic stuff, Grievous has a comlink attached to his arm to communicate with his heroic IG-100 MagnaGuards or his stupid driver battle droids. On his right arm, Grievous has built in grappling hook that shoot from miles away and still latch onto things.

In terms of strength, Grievous is a superhuman hero. He has superhuman strength to be able to lift up many things a normal human couldn't such as Droidekas or break his way through tons of supply boxes. In some sort of way, Grievous's strength is like Hulk but doesn't use his anger to make him stronger, and instead uses his power against evil but doesn't get mad.


  • George Lucas wanted a heroic Grievous in the The Clone Wars series so he added it the show to differ from the usual evil General Grievous. However, he was hated by most fans and later counted as Non-Canon to new Star Wars canon but canon to the events in The Clone Wars due to his heroic actions in the show.
  • In later episodes, Grievous started appearing less due his heroic nature and after that, he rarely appeared.
  • One of most best character developments for Grievous is in "Grievous Intrigue" as his heroic character is seen mostly in the episode by capturing Eeth Koth, fighting the evil Obi-Wan Kenobi aboard his sinister light cruiser, and retreating to Saleucami.
  • During his fights with Jedi, Grievous tends to get eager capture or end them even if he doesn't want to. This was seen during: "Grievous Intrigue", "Duel of the Droids", "Lair of Grievous", and "Destroy Malevolence".
  • Throughout his failures, Grievous tries to prove himself as a worthy hero in The Clone Wars and will never give up as most standard heroes.
  • Sometimes, Grievous can be a very Wrathful Hero towards his enemies as seen The Clone Wars various times. When after the Jedi for they wrongful actions, Grievous tends to make the villains suffer endlessly, knowing that the Jedi are Bad. The wrath of the hero Grievous is something villains should avoid.