Labyrinth (David Bowie album) coverart
Labyrinth (David Bowie album) coverart
Released 23 June 1986
Genre(s) Pop rock, synthpop, ambient
Label EMI AML 3104
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Review scores
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Labyrinth is a soundtrack album by David Bowie and Trevor Jones, released in 1986 for the film Labyrinth. The audio CD release was in 1989. It was the second of three soundtrack releases in which Bowie had a major role in, following Christiane F. and preceding The Buddha of Suburbia.

Track listingEdit

All songs written and composed by Trevor Jones and/or David Bowie, as noted. 
Side one
No. Title Length
1. "Opening Titles Including Underground" (Music by Jones, Lyrics by Bowie) 3:21
2. "Into the Labyrinth" (Jones) 2:12
3. "Magic Dance" (Bowie) 5:13
4. "Sarah" (Jones) 3:12
5. "Chilly Down" (Bowie) 3:44
6. "Hallucination" (Jones) 3:02
Side two
No. Title Length
7. "As the World Falls Down" (Bowie) 4:51
8. "The Goblin Battle" (Jones) 3:31
9. "Within You" (Bowie) 3:30
10. "Thirteen O'Clock" (Jones) 3:06
11. "Home at Last" (Jones) 1:49
12. "Underground" (Bowie) 5:57

Production creditsEdit



Year Chart Position
1986 UK Albums Chart 38[3]
1986 US Billboard 200 68[4]


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