StarSpeeder 3000
The StarSpeeder 3000 is an omnibus-like transport/starfighter used in the theme park attraction Star Tours, which is found at several Disney parks around the world.

Star Tours is a fictional travel agency in the Star Wars universe. The StarSpeeder 3000 is not the only craft they use, but their fleet is comprised of 40 of them (in reality, most of them). Even through the agency calls them state-of-the-art, these have to go under constant maintenance. Like its predecessor, the cabin can hold up to 40 people and the RX-24 droid pilot. On the access hole on top, an Astromech unit droid can be placed like most spacecraft.

Once the Star Tours company went out of business in the Star Wars universe, most of the StarSpeeder 3000s were scrapped except for a handful of them.


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