Star Wars - Darth Bane - Path of Destruction cover
Publisher: Del Rey
ISBN: ISBN 0-345-47736-7
Followed by: Darth Bane: Rule of Two
Path of Destruction is a novel in the Star Wars saga and is centered around the life of Darth Bane and the fall of the first Sith order. It was written by Drew Karpyshyn and was released on September 26, 2006. The book takes place roughly 1,000 years before Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.


Bane's backstory is established in the book. He is born as Dessel on the planet Apatros, the son of a miner named Hurst. An abusive alcoholic, Hurst blames the boy for the death of his wife in childbirth, and often calls him the "Bane" of his existence. His father takes him into the mines at a young age, and the boy is bullied and abused well into adulthood. He is powerful in the dark side of the Force. In a vain attempt to reestablish himself, Bane challenges Sirak to a fight and is seriously injured in the ensuing duel.

He teaches a force-sensitive young girl named Rain, who had been brought to Ruusan by the Jedi. When Rain's friend is accidentally killed by two Jedi troops, her anger draws her to the dark side snapping both of the soldiers' necks. When Bane happens upon this scene, he realizes he has found a worthy apprentice.

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