Star Wars Arcade
Star Wars Arcade for Sega 32X
Released: ArcadeSega 32X
  • EU November 14, 1994
  • NA November 21, 1994
  • JP December 3, 1994
Developed by: Sega Interactive
Published by: Sega
Genre(s): Action, Space simulation

Star Wars Arcade (also known simply as Star Wars) is a video game released in 1993 to arcades. A home port served as a launch title for the Sega 32X in 1994. It is set during the original Star Wars trilogy.


The game features gameplay similar to that of Atari's Star Wars game with players piloting an X-wing or a Y-wing in first or third person perspective and battling Imperial forces.

The game has three levels which include intercepting TIE Fighters in an asteroid field, destroying a Super Star Destroyer and making an assault run on a Death Star. The arcade cabinet allowed two people to play, with one serving as pilot and the other as gunner.

Sega followed up the game's release with the release of Star Wars Trilogy Arcade in 1998.

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