Star Wars Insider is the official Star Wars magazine. Its contents include stories, articles relating to the Star Wars universe, letters, and the fan newsletter "Bantha Tracks". It began in 1987 as the official magazine of The Lucasfilm Fan Club. In 1994 the Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazine was rebranded the Star Wars Insider to coincide with the release of the TIE Fighter videogame from LucasArts. In March 2008, Star Wars Insider reached one hundred issues.

Content Edit

Star Wars Insider has sections that detail updates in the Star Wars universe, news about events, fan fiction, exclusive previews, articles that explore the Star Wars universe, questions and answers, excerpts from comics and books, and interviews. Often it has many humorous comics and stories. Recently, it has retained a humorous air, especially with their now-defunct "Dear 2-1B" column. The magazine also features advertising for many things, (Star Wars-related and non-Star Wars), and a catalog of Star Wars merchandise. One of the sections is called "Bantha Tracks", which is created entirely by the fans.

Publishers Edit

The magazine is currently edited by Jonathan Wilkins. It has been published by many different companies. But at Star Wars Celebration IV, Star Wars Insider relaunched under the new publisher: Titan Magazines.

Issues 1-22 The Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazine Lucasfilm
Issues 23-50 Star Wars Insider Fantastic Media
Issues 51-61 Star Wars Insider Wizards of the Coast
Issues 62-76 Star Wars Insider Paizo Publishing
Issues 77-92 Star Wars Insider IDG Entertainment
Issues 93-onwards Star Wars Insider Titan Magazines

Star Wars Insider is not delivered to Germany as this country has its own licensed publication, Star Wars -- Das offizielle Magazin. The same was true of the UK until Titan Magazines took over the Star Wars Insider in 2007 and merged it with the Star Wars Magazine UK.

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